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Visual Partner


ECD/Lead Artist

David Perlick-Molinari


We created a distinctive sonic identity for FanDuel, the largest online sports betting company in the United States. Our team ensured that this new sonic brand is not only immediately recognizable, but also emotionally profound and able to evoke the brand's differentiated promise.

At the core of this sonic identity is the infinite excitement embedded in the players' heartbeat. To capture this essence, we have taken a melodic, semantic, and FX-driven hybrid approach, utilizing low notes in the key of F (for FanDuel) to convey the emotional response associated with the thrill and celebration of winning, as well as the unique anticipation felt when placing an initial bet with infinite optimism.

We have employed a variety of sound design techniques to create a differentiated sonic character that tells the brand's story. This includes exploring areas such as the players' heartbeat, players' combined voices, the FanDuel shield, and its symbolic representation as a trusted and secure partner. We have also incorporated activation sounds, such as the beginning of tossing a coin, to unlock a unique "fan-verse" or to signal the start of a new betting experience.

In addition to its emotional impact, we have designed the sonic expression to "speak" the brand name itself, with two syllables in "FanDuel" and two beats in the heart. This semantic approach adds an extra layer of attribution qualities and helps to establish a more meaningful connection between the brand and its audience.

Overall, our hybrid approach allows for future derivative assets to be used "in-the-clear" as well as "layered" into any program-specific content. The new sonic identity for FanDuel will be implemented across all relevant touchpoints, both in the app and in the greater world. This direction culminated in the successful completion of Rob Gronkowski’s month-long Super Bowl ad campaign.

YTCW Team Credits

ECD, Audio Strategy, Music, Sound Design, Mix: David Perlick-Molinari

Executive Producer and Project Coordinator: Lea Wülferth

Assitant Creative Director: George Schultz

Additional Music Arrangement and Sound Design: Derek Muro, Zach Abramson, Austin Mendenhall, Lorna Dune, George Schultz, Asha Iwanowicz, Keith Milgaten, Ryan Renn, Conrad Clifton, Wei Yang Wang