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Directed by

Aaron I. Naar

Produced by

Andrew Lauren Productions, CoPilot Pictures


After being sentenced to prison for stealing half a million dollars to finance his dreams of pop musician stardom, Mathew Stoneman transforms. While locked up, he learns how to play a bolero-style guitar and sing in Spanish, thanks to a Mexican inmate, and emerges years later as Mateo. This feature-length documentary follows the "Gringo Mariachi" as he struggles, feeds stray cats, and eventually succeeds with creating the most unexpectedly angelic music. He records all his music with collaborators of Buena Vista Social Club in the studio Nat King Cole made famous in Havana, Cuba. We had the opportunity to mix all of Mateo's beautifully tragic tracks, all pristinely recored, with the most prized vintage gear on earth. We also created an underscore to seamlessly weave Mateo's songs and performances with the film's narrative. See the full movie on Netflix.