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Missy Mazzoli, Victoire, Glenn Kotche, Lorna Dune - Vespers for a New Dark Age


New Amsterdam Records, 2015

"A Thousand Tongues (Lorna Dune Remix)" Vocals by

Deidre Muro


[from Pitchfork]

Victoire's sophomore effort is officially on the way, and Krier's gorgeous ambient landscape of synths applied to "A Thousand Tongues", the first song from the project, is a taste of how far they might go. Victoire's music has always felt liminal, a thought on the verge of expressing itself, so when the vocalist enters three minutes to the "A Thousand Tongues", it feels like a minor revelation. The lyrics are full of miscommunications, silences, misconceptions. The video footage, meanwhile, comes from clips of Mauricio Kagel's 1967 avant-garde film Solo, which Krier has cut up and reedited. It is a mute, strange, and potent accompaniment to the most striking and uncanny music Victoire have ever made.