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Visual Partner

Sibling Rivalry

Artist / ECD

David Perlick-Molinari


We were entrusted to redesign NBC's legendary sonic brand. In close collaboration with our creative partners at Sibling Rivalry and NBCU, we crafted a contemporary and versatile sonic identity that is able to flex across the network's entire brand ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates as the roll-out of this transformative redesign unfolds.

YTCW Team Credits

Sonic Idenity Refresh and Audio Strategy by YouTooCanWoo

ECD / Artist / Audio Strategy / Music Arrangement / Sound Design / ATMOS Mix: David Perlick-Molinari

Executive Producer and Project Coordinator: Lea Wülferth

Assitant Creative Director: George Schultz

Additional Music Arrangement and Sound Design: Derek Muro, Zach Abramson, Austin Mendenhall, Lorna Dune, George Schultz, Asha Iwanowicz, Juan Arango, Keith Milgaten, Ryan Renn, Conrad Clifton, Wei Yang Wang