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Porsche - No Small Dreams



Production Company

Dress Code


Vincenzo Lodigiani

Music / Sound Design / Mix


Lead Artist / Executive Creative Director

Derek Muro


This campaign with full expansive sonic treatment by YouTooCanWoo was made in collaboration with Dress Code, Director Vincenzo Lodigiani, and Cramer-Krasselt.

Our frame-perfect score matches Vincenzo's eye-popping innovative motion design and our sound design made good use of historic Porsche engine sounds (911 model, 356 Carrera GS, 911 Turbo 3.0, 959, and new Macan S) all mixed together to create our signature holistic immersive audio experience.

These high-impact, original music and sound design driven shorts perfectly capture Porsche's campaign ambitions for social media.

We ran into a stunning mural from the campaign right around the corner from our studio!

Had to capture the moment with YTCW ECD/Lead Artist @derekwavebreakr.

YouTooCanWoo Team Credits

ECD, Lead Artist, Music, Mix: Derek Muro

Executive Producer: Lea Wülferth

Sound Design: Austin Mendenhall, Jeff Penny

Additional Music: Jeff Penny, Devin L. Johnson, Wang Wei Yang, Keith Milgaten, Lorna Krier, Asha Iwanowicz, Austin Mendenhall, Gary Atturio, George Schultz, Shaun Hettinger

Production Coordinators: Lorna Krier, Daslyn Colson