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Rivian - Brand Debut

Production Company

Dress Code

Original Music / Sound Design / Mix


Lead YTCW Artist / Executive Creative Director

David Perlick-Molinari


We provided the full music and audio package for a variety of Rivian branded documentary shorts covering everything from Forever, their philanthropic mission to support high-impact climate initiatives, to extreme vehicle testing in Peru, to a fascinating mini-series featuring behind-the-scenes work in innovative design, production, and testing. We also worked the full media campaign and roadshow that led to their historic IPO opening.

Forever - Brand Anthem

A captivating look at Rivian's mission and why they exist.

Building Toward Production - Our Team

A behind-the-scenes look at pre-production vehicles.

The Climb

Follow the Rivian team out of stealth mode and into the wild as they push the world’s first electric adventure vehicle to its limits.

Extreme testing in Peru

Powering Adventure - Adventurous Forever

Go behind-the-scenes of Rivian's labs and see what makes their batteries so powerful