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Rubin Museum of Art: The Second Buddha

Commissioned by

Rubin Museum of Art

Made by

Tröllback + Co.


Both Buddhism and physics say that time is relative and less linear than we realize. Watch below or hear our work in person at the exhibition, open now through January 2019.

Music by nature exists in time, and plays with our perception of time. In this piece, we experience the same pulse in various subdivisions as different slices or resolutions of time. Similarly, the harmonies shift and move around a tonal center, changing our perspective around a fixed object. Melodies circle back on themselves, repetitive yet ever-changing. In the segment about Padmasambhava, small snippets of earlier phrases become collapsed into musical cloud - snapshots of those moments viewed simultaneously.

"At the Rubin Museum, the Future Has Arrived. And It's Fluid." - The New York Times