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Ryn Weaver - NGX: Ten Years of Neon Gold


Atlantic Records, 2018

"Reasons Not to Die - Demo" Mixed by

David Perlick-Molinari


[from WIUX]

Reasons Not To Die sees a departure from Ryn’s usual sweeping pop songs, to a peeled back piano-driven ballad. While Ryn Weaver has always been glaringly honest lyrically (see: New Constellations from The Fool), this song takes the cake as her most vulnerable. This song finds her toasting to those who stick by her and keep her sane without stifling her emotions, even if she sits with nihilism on her lap. She gently whispers about lashing out at others in her depressed states leading to a soft choir-like chorus celebrating her friends, before the bridge sees a restrained, raw version of her usual sweeping vocals begging for “some reasons not to die.” Making this one of the strongest songs on the album, even in its demo form.