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Second Extinction

Made by

Systemic Reaction (Avalanche Studios Group)

Music by

Zach Abramson


Zach Abramson and the YouTooCanWoo team produced the full score for Systemic Reaction’s (Avalanche Studios Group) Second Extinction. See the early announcement trailer below featuring some excerpts from Zach’s music.

Earth is overrun

Mutated dinosaurs have destroyed humanity, and the few survivors left have fled to space. Through short but intense guerilla missions, your specialized fireteam is being sent back to Earth to pick the invasion force apart. It’s time to take back our planet!

3 player strikeforce

Take on the role of one of the resistance fighters and team up with up to two other survivors to hit the enemy where it hurts. Combine your unique abilities, weapon loadouts and equipment for explosive results.

Spectacular action

Fighting dinosaurs has never felt this visceral, with non-stop explosive combat scenarios and adrenaline-pumping tension as your small and isolated team moves through the world, facing enemies of greater numbers or greater size.

Mutated monstrosities

These dinosaurs are nothing like our history books indicated, with strange mutations that make them even more lethal. From electric raptors to behemoth t-rexes that tower over their smaller brethren, these vile creatures are hard to take down.

Joint effort

Together with the rest of the community, your actions will shape the course of the war against the dinosaurs. Stay tuned, to see how you will make a difference in the coming war.