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We created a fresh and vibrant sonic identity for STARZ that flexes seamlessly across the network's entire ecosystem, from linear to streaming and beyond, with a full touchpoint strategy.

By translating STARZ's business strategy into subconscious emotion, we've helped elevate the brand's impact, enhance attribution, increase message recognition, and build a deeper love for the brand.

The updated STARZ sonic brand is uniquely own-able, immediately recognizable, enduring, and flexible, perfectly capturing the brand's promise of being brave, inclusive, provocative, empowering, authentic, and a must-have global premium entertainment destination. Our innovative melodic and FX-driven hybrid approach is distinguished by its fresh STARZ-specific FX, which beautifully evoke the symbolic sound of celestial stars themselves.

The result is emotionally resonant and expertly tailored. By creating a bold, alluring, and fearless sonic identity, we've helped STARZ forge a powerful and lasting connection with audiences, inviting them to experience a world of unique perspectives and top-quality content.

YTCW Team Credits

Executive Creative Director, Music, Sound Design, Mix: David Perlick-Molinari

Creative Director: Derek Muro, Austin Mendenhall

Assistant Creative Director: George Schultz

Executive Producer: Lea Wülferth

Production Coordinators: Daslyn Colson, Lorna Milgaten

Additional Music Arrangement and Sound Design: Derek Muro, Austin Mendenhall, Conrad Clifton, Lorna Dune, Devin Johnson, Keith Milgaten, Brian Naas, Jeff Penny, George Schultz, Wang Wei Yang