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The Webby Awards

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French Horn Rebellion


The 24th annual Webby Awards was the group’s first-ever all-digital show. It featured guest appearances by Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Miley Cyrus, and many more.

Tröllback partnered with YouTooCanWoo on original music and sound design, we created a system of opens, title cards, in-show tributes, customizable speech toolkits, and more that brought the glitz and glamour home to everyone.


Create a digital campaign and show package for the 24th annual Webby Awards, setting an iconic, online stage for its first-ever Webbys From Home.


Craft a suite of celebratory, endlessly-customizable assets that help elevate our post-quarantine realities, while celebrating the best of the Internet in a hyper-personalized, hyper-digital way.


In addition to its success as the most digital, accessible Webbys to date, the campaign helped mobilize millions to vote IRL, resulting in one of the biggest online registration rallies of 2020.

Creative Context

The show must go on...

The campaign for the 24th annual Webby Awards started out with a normal brief. Then, a global pandemic happened. Working with the Webby’s super-talented team of creatives and strategists, they moved to execute the group’s first-ever all-digital awards show, coming up with a name, acronym, and attention-winning campaign concept that was designed to be easy to use, endlessly customizable, and instantly relatable to the hyper-reality of 2020.

Virtual Awards Show

Digitizing one of the internet's biggest IRL celebrations.

Understanding the inherent limitations of online presentations, we set out to create a seamless, personalized, shareable awards show package that was 100% dedicated to showcasing the personality and talent of each and every winner.

The event, hosted by Patton Oswalt and “attended” by high-profile celebrity guests, from Michelle Obama to Deepak Chopra, expertly blended the intimacy of our collective at-home experience with the high-profile celebration its winners deserved, making it a Webbys to remember for years to come.