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Violet Sands -Hotel


YouTooCanWoo, 2017

Written, Produced, Performed, Mixed by

Derek MuroDeidre MuroDavid Perlick-Molinari


‘Hotel’ is the debut album by Violet Sands and the first full-length release from new Brooklyn label YouTooCanWoo. It’s inspired by the feeling of being at a hotel, a transient space where people in totally different stages of their own "hero's journey" exist and interact together for one fleeting moment in time. Violet Sands’ music is an ethereal soundtrack for a rite of passage, harnessing the alluring vocals of Deidre Muro (Deidre & the Dark, previously of Savoir Adore), the inventive production of David Perlick-Molinari (French Horn Rebellion) and the atmospheric guitar-scapes of Derek Muro (Love Like Deloreans, Mighty Five). Their genre-bending music is a fresh and dreamy mix of nostalgia with the present, evoking the beauty and struggles of transitioning from one phase of life to another. “If you get excited hearing music that's incomparable to anything out, you're going to love what Violet Sands have in store...” – HillyDilly, Rough Trade